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Best CRM Integration With Gmail

When it comes to best CRM integration with Gmail, you will find that there are plenty of options available. Pipedrive is a popular example, with its CRM Gmail extension allowing you to keep track of any correspondence you have with any company. With this extension, you can add deals to your CRM from the sidebar of your Gmail. Pipedrive offers a 14-day free trial, and you won’t even have to enter your credit card details.


The NetHunt CRM integrates with Google apps, making it easy to add customer chats, calendared events, and more to your account. From within your Gmail inbox, you can easily attach files and emails to a particular record, or create new records for a particular contact. By connecting your NetHunt CRM account to your Google Calendar, you can easily add new contacts or clients, and they’ll show up right next to any events. Then, you can send them email reminders, and track vital details of each client.

You can manage your entire sales team with NetHunt CRM. You can create users for each member of your sales team, and grant different levels of access to specific CRM information. You can also set up visibility settings and assign roles for individual users, allowing you to manage your sales team with ease. The CRM also helps prevent email messages from being flagged as spam or promotions, ensuring high open rates for every email.

Another great benefit of NetHunt CRM is its ability to integrate with Gmail. This enables you to convert email inquiries into business prospects, preserve transaction history, and document critical communication and customer interactions. It is affordable and scalable, making it a great choice for fast-growing, small businesses. Its free trial is a great way to test out the CRM for yourself. You can also use the CRM to track your sales funnel.

The NetHunt CRM is a CRM solution for Gmail that integrates with other Google applications. It makes managing your business easier and saves you time from having to log out of Gmail. You can view customer details right from your Gmail inbox. NetHunt CRM even collects emails and chat messages related to your clients. It also integrates with Google Calendar and Hangouts, allowing you to keep track of reminders, handwritten notes, and more.

Another great thing about NetHunt CRM integration with Gmail is the price. Its monthly and yearly plans are both affordable. For $24 per user, you can get the professional version of the software. The professional plan includes standard tools and enables you to connect with over a thousand applications. NetHunt CRM is an excellent CRM for a small business or individual. The software helps you automate repetitive tasks and boost your ROI.

Capsule CRM

The Capsule CRM mobile application was launched in April 2011. It works on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones. When you first log on, it automatically creates a local database and synchronizes all your data. You can use the mobile app to manage and view your data, even if you are not in the office. For instance, if you receive a new email, you can immediately find a link to the contact’s profile.

You can also search for your contacts using the ‘Find in Capsule’ feature. This feature is useful if your contacts have recently moved or changed their email address. If you want to lookup a specific contact by name, you can use the ‘Search by name’ field. When you find the contact with the same name as in Capsule, the new email address will be stored and you can add a conversation to the contact.

Once you’ve connected your Gmail account to your Capsule CRM account, you’ll be able to import your contacts from Gmail. You can also use an action app called CandidateZip to import contacts from your Gmail account into Capsule CRM. It is also possible to search for contacts by using their email address or other fields, such as their current employer. You can even map your Capsule CRM account to your Gmail account.

Once you’ve successfully connected your Gmail account to Capsule, you can login to Capsule using your Gmail credentials. Then, you’ll need to contact Capsule Support by email. They will connect your Capsule account to your Google domain and confirm your email access. Once that’s done, you’ll have a seamless experience with your Capsule CRM.

Capsule CRM integration with Gmail is part of a trend toward making CRM solutions easier to use and more efficient. Gmail is the world’s most popular email service, with over one billion active users. Most employees use Gmail daily, which makes this integration even more compelling. When you integrate your Capsule account with Gmail, you’ll be able to access all of your customer information in one place.


If you’re a small business owner and want to increase your sales, consider using a CRM suite like Salesflare. Its AI engine helps you automatically organize your contacts and opportunities based on the natural flow of your sales pipeline. The AI also helps you prioritize deals and sales opportunities based on their progress through the funnel. Using Salesflare is as easy as installing a 1 click integration.

For the most part, a CRM will automatically populate your Gmail address book. Besides, it will also keep track of all your interactions with prospects and customers. It will also send you alerts if there’s a new deal or conversation. It’s a zero-input sales pipeline tool, so you won’t have to enter your data manually. You can also use Salesflare to organize your support service and organize your customer data.

Another great feature of Salesflare is its ability to recognize relationships between leads and team members. For example, if someone is emailing a new company, Salesflare will automatically create a new task for them in Salesflare. This way, they will be able to follow the conversation and take action. It will also automatically send “hotness alerts” to other team members if there’s a need to follow up with a lead.

Another great feature of Salesflare CRM integration with gmail is its ability to mine data from multiple sources. It uses the data in your Gmail account, email signatures, and more to create a profile for every contact. In addition to this, Salesflare can even identify contacts through social media accounts. The possibilities are endless. There are many other features that make it a powerful CRM. So, why not give it a try?

If you’re running an agency or a small business, you need to use a CRM that allows you to track everything in your sales pipeline, from leads to revenue. The Salesflare CRM integration with gmail also has a lot of other benefits. You can create a new company from Leadinfo, and view deals and tasks associated with it. The Salesflare CRM has a rich set of metrics that can help you decide what to focus on.


Arcade CRM integrates with Gmail to make managing your business easier. Its customizable interface and free integrations make it easy to maintain and manage your contacts. The app gives you a high-level view of all your pipelines, as well as allows you to track leads and contacts. It also helps you organize your contacts by region, interests, and more. You can also manage your team’s work through its task management module.

If you’re looking for a cloud-based CRM solution, look no further than Arcade. Its seamless integration with Gmail makes it ideal for small businesses, and it also integrates with your Gmail inbox. The app provides rich contact management, calendar and task management, and sales management. Other features include VOIP calling and document management. It even integrates with Google Calendar. Arcade CRM has the most integrated CRM in Gmail and is a good choice for small businesses.

In addition to integration with Gmail, Arcade CRM offers third-party integrations with popular tools. The app also supports MailChimp, Zapier, Aweber, PieSync, and Google Drive. 256-bit SSL encryption ensures the privacy and security of your information. With so many benefits to offer, Arcade CRM is one of the most affordable CRM solutions for small businesses. With these features, it’s hard to go wrong with this cloud-based CRM.

Best CRM Integration With Gmail

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