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If you’re like so many other people who’ve gotten the ‘blogging bug,’ congratulations, you’re in for a lot of fun! People start their blogs for many reasons; sometimes they want to share their life with family and friends far away, sometimes they like sharing their knowledge about one of their hobbies, and sometimes they want to make money. Whatever your reason for starting a blog, you’re going to want to start on the right foot and get some great blogging advice, and that’s where this article can help. 

Blogging Know-How

Blogging isn’t difficult to learn; most people can easily learn all they need to know in an hour. Here are some key points to keep in mind as you begin your online blogging adventure:

  • 1. You can start your blog for free. Many blogging platforms will host your blog for you for no charge; and are two of the most popular. Even with the free versions, you’ll still have access to hundreds of original designs, or themes, that you can use for your blog. You can also use plugins and widgets, basically like apps for a smartphone, that will allow you to do many different things with your blog; these are usually also free. 
  • 2. your blog should be based on two major considerations: what do you love and whether you want to use your blog to start an online business. Sometimes these two things will overlap; your business blog can be about something that you love. Other times you won’t be able to make money with your hobby because there aren’t enough other people who love that topic enough to pay for products related to it. 
  • 3. When you start your blog, especially a business blog, you want people to return frequently and read your new posts. To keep them coming back, you’ll want to make sure that you make your posts and the other information related to your blog. For example, if your blog is about gardening, you don’t want to go off on tangents about all kinds of other topics. Occasionally it’s ok to stray a little bit, but the bottom line is that the readers of your blog joined because they were interested in that topic, so give them what they want. 
  • 4. If you want to use your blog to make money and start a business, you should your domain name and get your hosting account. Don’t worry if this sounds foreign to you, and it’s easy and inexpensive enough. This is important because if you stick with the free versions, you own nothing, not the name of your blog or that little piece of internet ‘real estate’ your blog sits on. That’s not a good way to structure your business. Buy your domain name and get your blog hosted, and you will own it, and you can decide what you want to do with it.  

I hope this blogging advice has helped you a little bit. The most important thing to remember is that you should have fun with your blog. This is a great way to express yourself so make the most out of it. 

Tips On How To Create Blog

There are many guides out there on creating a blog, but it is a simple task. After all, what you need to do is to get started. After all, writing is no longer a crapshoot for making money; the internet has given writers and authors a place to make as much money as they want. And a writer, given that their work is a vocation, needs to take advantage of every opportunity they can.

Now, the first step to learning how to create a blog is to know what you’re going to talk about to the more academics out there, which means having a topic sentence or a thesis statement. This is the heart and soul of your blog deviations can occur, the way they can occasionally occur in a forum, but there is a theme or heart to it.

The heart of your blog should be entirely up to you to pick something that you have a great and vested interest in. After all, you’ll probably be writing at least three entries a week. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it can easily take a toll on many people.

After picking your topic, the next step is to learn how to create a blog and open it up; this shouldn’t be too difficult. After all, there are several ways, almost all of them possessing a free option or are completely free, to begin with, to get a blog.

A simple look into a search engine can give you options such as Blogspot, or Myspace, which doubles as a social networking site. A better option would be to purchase some web space of your own. It isn’t too expensive, and there, you can create your URL, giving it a very personal and possibly more recognizable touch, although that is more for people who want to earn some money while blogging.

After that, the next step is, of course, to make it prettier. There’s more to blogging than just learning how to create a blog, and you should also make it presentable. Many sites offer glorious depth for customization. Color, window size, font, all of it is at your command. Some sites might require you to know a little HTML; others will do it all for you. If it’s just for personal use, make it the way you want it to look.

If you’re looking to make money off the internet, then it should look just a little more professional than you’d normally have it. After all, you want those sites and advertisers to believe that you’ll get traffic making a dump of a website is a great way to turn those people off.

With each passing day, the internet becomes more and more a part of a person’s daily routine. There are probably some people out there who cannot function without it, or at least cannot imagine a world without this globalizing force. Now, get out there and use the tips in this how-to create a blog to make one of your very own.

Quick and Dirty Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Getting your website to the top of the search engines is crucial for a thriving online business. Unfortunately, very few people know how to do this. In this tutorial, you’ll get a “crash course” in what to do to get your website to rank highly. We’ll cover all the basics in an easy-to-understand manner so you can apply what you learned right away.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the words that your user types into Google to try and search for websites. What keywords do you want to rank highly for? It’s important to choose what keywords you want to rank for before you optimize your site.

See how much volume keywords get using the Google Keyword Tool.

Optimize Your Title Tag

The next step is to optimize the title tag on your website. The title tag goes between the head tags and looks like this:


<title>Your Title Here</title>


Make sure your main keyword appears once or twice in the title. If you have a secondary keyword, put both of them in the title. Don’t have any keywords more than twice.

Optimize Your Site

Many other factors are important for onsite optimization. Two of the big ones are your header tags and your keyword density.

  • Use <h1> for your headers. In between them, make sure you mention your keyword at least once.
  • Use your keyword often in your text, but don’t make it sound weird to do so.

These two factors influence Google, but not nearly to the same degree as before simply because people abused the system.

Get Quality Backlinks

The next step is to get good backlinks from sites that are related to yours. There are many ways to do this. Here are some of them:

  • Submit free press releases
  • Offer to write articles for other sites for a backlink
  • Pay for it
  • Submit your site to directories
  • Link to them and ask them to link back
  • Post comments on related blogs
  • Etc

Be creative. Come up with ways to get back backlinks to your site.

Optimize Your Anchor Text

If you can, ask the website owners who’re linking to you to create their link with good anchor text. A good anchor text is a link that has your keyword in it rather than clicks here.

For example, if you’re selling woodworking workshops:

  • Bad: *Click Here* To learn About Woodworking Workshops
  • Good: Click This Link to *Learn About Woodworking Workshops*
  • Where ** = The Link Text

Wrapping it Up

Suppose you select your keywords carefully, optimize your title, h1 tags, and keyword density, and get quality backlinks and optimize your anchor text. In that case, you’ll be far, far ahead of your competition. 

You now know more about getting your website to rank well in the search engines than most web admins on the internet. Now it’s time to put this knowledge to use and see the results. What you learned here can double your business overnight.

Exciting New Digital Marketing Solutions

Exciting New Digital Marketing Solutions

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