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How to Access Workspace in Google Drive

Many of the new users of Google Docs wonder how to access workspace in Google Drive. They are not aware of the fact that Drive has been incorporated with the Google Docs application. Even if they are not aware of this integration, many of them have already tried downloading and opening a Google Doc. It is as easy as pie to do. All one needs to do is install the Google Docs application on their browser, and then they can begin working.

In fact, there are two ways in which the user can open a document in Drive. First, they can directly drag and drop the document into the document explorer window. Second, they can click the arrow on the bottom right corner of the Document view pane, and open a document in the “open with” option. The user will then be able to browse through the files, and highlight the text or the links. The document will then be opened in Drive.

Before the introduction of Google Docs, users of MS Word and Excel used the Print dialog box in order to open any document in those respective applications. This process required several steps, and was time consuming. Now, all they need to do is click on Print and let the document printed in that application. How to access workspace in Google Docs simplifies this process considerably.

There are no more steps in the document opening process. With the introduction of Drive, there are now only a few buttons. They are Select, Open, and Print. The user simply clicks on Print, and the PDF document is printed directly in the user’s computer.

Furthermore, how to access workspace in Google Docs simplifies the editing of the documents. After a modification is done in the document, all the changes are immediately saved back in the original document and the workspace is automatically redone. In the case of making alterations, all the changes are shown in red. The user can undo any changes, thus, making the process completely foolproof.

What’s great about this application is that it also allows users to share documents with other people in the network. Anyone in the network can easily send a document with the use of a short code. The recipient can open, read, edit, and even fax the document. This way, one need not use special software for document sharing. How to access workspace in Google Docs simplifies this process, too.

The main feature of how to access workspace in Google Docs is the ability to add and remove files from the network. Once a document has been added to the system, it can be sent to anyone who needs it using a short code. Since this application also stores all documents on its local servers, these can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. Thus, even if a person is traveling, he can access and edit the documents from any place in the world.

The Google Docs application has several other features too, which make it a superior choice for any corporate office. The ability to search a particular document by keywords and the ability to save and restore the document are only a few of the salient features this document management tool offers. One must remember that the cost of this service depends upon the number of documents stored in the network.

For larger organizations, it may be possible to store several versions of documents on the network and access them from any computer. This is possible since one can specify the dates for which documents should be stored. Furthermore, there is synchronization between all devices, so there is no need to download and install any other software on the network. All documents can be opened in their original form as well. One can collaborate with other staff members or departments without downloading any new documents.

One major drawback of how to access workspace in Google Docs is the inability to edit spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations on the web. One has to convert these into text documents on the device in order to edit them. This process might prove to be time consuming, especially for people who need to edit many such documents. In addition, users can only view presentation documents on the device. Thus, for documents that they need to distribute to clients, they might have to email the PDF or the Word document instead.

The biggest advantage of using collaboration tools like these is the speed at which one can share documents with colleagues in a short time. Since the documents are available online, one does not have to run out to the office or other local computer. One can also read and receive documents even when the device is not connected to the internet. It takes less time to send documents by email as compared to sending by fax or cellular phone. All these factors make online document management a preferable option for companies looking to save time and money while sharing information with others.

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