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How to Make a Video in Google Slides

The ability of how to make a video in Google Slides has been in the works for quite some time. It was only a few years ago that it was available on the older versions of the Internet Explorer web browser but it was worth the wait because it is a feature worth seeing in any presentation. Making a video in Google Slides is also a great way to share what you have to say and share it with the whole world. It can be helpful to get an audience or viewers interested in your PowerPoint presentation.

You need to remember though that although there are several different ways how to make a video in Google Slides, none of them are free like the option offered by Microsoft PowerPoint. If you want to get your presentation to look as good as possible and you do not have the money to burn then you should really consider using Google Slides. The best part about the Slides maker application from Google is that it allows you to create and modify your presentation on the fly. You will be able to make any changes that you want and even add graphics and music while the presentation is being played. You will not have to wait for a slow upload to PowerPoint and instead can begin making your presentation within a few moments.

When you are working on how to make a video in Google Slides, the first thing that you need to do is open a new PowerPoint file and import your presentation data into it. You will need to choose which files you want to include so that you can save the images and the text according to the presentation file. Once you have saved all the files, the next step is to import the graphics that you have used in your slide into the PowerPoint layout. This is done by clicking on the “Img” drop down menu in the PowerPoint tool and dragging and dropping the files from your computer over to the layout.

The final step in how to make a video in Google Slides is to finish adding the video and saving the file. To do this, you need to go to the settings of the presentation that you have created and click on the option that says “Add files to Quick Preserve”. This option will allow you to put in the URL that you have saved on your computer where you want to share the video with the audience. Once you have saved the video, you are finished with learning how to make a video in Google Slides.

You are probably wondering how you are ever going to find out how to make a video in Google Slides. The answer is that Google Slides has an “Advertising” section that is located right beneath the main page that lists all of the latest Google products and services. This makes it easy for you to find how to make a video in Google slides by simply highlighting the appropriate link and clicking on it.

In order to encourage visitors to use your Slides, you are going to need to provide a way for them to share your presentation with their friends. Fortunately, this is a very simple process. There is an option right next to the “Advertising” section that says “Share”. By selecting this option, you will be able to post your PowerPoint presentation on the social networking website that you have chosen.

In order to make the most of your Google Slides, you need to make sure that you are taking advantage of all of the features that the software is able to provide you with. One of these features is the ability to share your PowerPoint presentation with up to 200 people who have an account with the Slides service. This is very beneficial because you are not limited to just your own audience. Anyone can view your slide online. The downside to this, however, is that if you are using a free service, you may not have access to the newest version of the software, which means that you may be playing catch up as far as the features are concerned.

Finally, another feature that is very helpful when it comes to learning how to make a video in Google Slides is the ability to turn your slides into movies. This is accomplished by accessing the Slide Maker tool. This is just like the one found in Microsoft Word, and it works in a very similar fashion. This allows you to crop, resize, and change the format of the video so that it fits exactly on the web page where it is being displayed. If you want to make a short video with a lot of moving elements, this can certainly be done. If you want to make a longer film with a lot of transition effects, it will take more time and effort to complete.

How to Make a Video in Google Slides

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