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How to Send PDF Through Gmail

Want to know how to send PDF through Gmail? This is quite easy if you know how to. However, before we move ahead it would be useful to understand the entire process of how to send PDF through Gmail. If you do not know how to do so then read on to get your answer.

First of all we need to have a look at what is a file. A file is nothing but a collection of data stored in a file. Now if we take a look at the word file in the dictionary it clearly says – a collection of information stored in a book or some other storage device. Similarly a PDF file or a Word document is just a document stored in the format -.pdf. So if we can define a file then we are half way through our journey of understanding how to send PDF through Gmail.

Now let us look at how to create a new file. If we open the Gmail account we can find the option ’email’ on the menu which is of course the usual one. You will see the option ‘appointment’, click on that and you will get the list of folders on which you can choose the folder which you want to use for the PDF file. This should be the new folder on the home page.

Once you are done with this you just have to copy the entire content of the PDF file from the folder you are using. Now go to the ‘box’ that says ‘file’ and there you will see the option ‘copy to clipboard’. Click on that and you will get the option to store the file on your clipboard. Now whenever you want to see the file name containing the word ‘to’ you will have to use the back button. This will paste the file name on your clipboard.

As you can see how to send PDF through Gmail is quite easy. But this does not mean that you can send any file as a PDF directly. You will have to use other methods of getting the PDF file converted into a suitable format that is readable by Google. You can either download the PDF or you can use one of the free tools available online to convert the PDF into a Word, Excel or Power Point file.

However, one advantage that you can get if you search for how to send PDF through Gmail before you start using this method is that you will be able to have a look on what is available on the internet regarding this topic. This is very important because some sites may provide you with a free tool to convert the file and you can try out that if you wish. But if you want to send a genuine file that is password protected you will have to look for a company that has its own conversion service.

So as you can see how to send PDF through Gmail is quite easy and you do not need to have any high end software installed on your computer. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and you can access a site that offers to give you a tool to convert a file into a Word, Excel or Power Point file. Once you have downloaded one of these tools you will be able to access a number of sites offering to send the PDF file to the recipient’s email address.

However, when looking for information on how to send PDF through Gmail you should ensure that it is a reliable company. There are many scams around on the Internet today so you will need to make sure that you check the website of the company very carefully before you decide to open an account with them. It is also advisable to look at reviews that people have written about the different companies offering to send PDF files through Gmail. This way you will be able to identify which one offers the best services in terms of price and accuracy. Once you have found a site that you think offers reliable services you will be able to start receiving documents in the format that you require!

How to Send PDF Through Gmail

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