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How to Use Google Keep Notes

If you are like many business owners, then you have probably been wondering how to use Google Keep notes (or any other service for that matter). Since most people use the same programs for sorting and storing information as they do for e-mail, calendars, and other online applications, keeping track of important information can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. If you know how to use it correctly, Keep notes can help you keep organized and efficiently using one of the most innovative information management tools currently available.

Google Keep notes are a great tool for organizing notes and information in an organized manner. Because it is part of the Google Drive platform, it is directly linked to your Google account. But unlike many of the other services, Google Keep Notes actually has its own interface. So, instead of opening up the Keep application to take a look at your notes, you can simply click on the bottom right corner of the screen and pull up the interface by clicking on three dots:

You will then be able to switch between the two main views that Keep has to offer. One view allows you to sort and organize notes while the other view allows you to search for a particular item. This makes how to use Google Keep notes a simple task because you won’t have to learn any new interfaces or dig around to find different items. Just like any other app, the interface for this free note taking app is easy to use and navigate.

In order to use how to use Google Keep notes effectively, it helps to get a grip on how it works. The main interface for this free app is divided into three sections: a toolbar, center column, and search box. It looks like a browser with drop down menus for all the things you’d ever want to search for. On each menu, there is usually an “add note” button where you are allowed to type in a few basic text. If you’re not sure what something is, you just click on it and a drop down menu will come up with options such as “type a Note”, “Search”, ” Delete”, and “notes”.

Since this is a free service, the layout of how to use Google Keep notes is not especially complicated. The top right corner of the main toolbar section contains links to all the main features. These include storage of audio and video files, sharing, importing/ exporting, and notes/ drafts. To access the other features, all you have to do is click on one of the links and your Google account will open up.

To begin using the Google Keep notes app, first click the “start” button. Then, find the section called “Note Taking”. This is where you can select how you’d like to use the app: Quick note taking, Full note taking, Rich notes, etc. Click on any one of these options to launch the app.

When you’re at the main page of the interface, find the search box and type in a search query. This will generate a list of all notes that are stored within the service. You may want to check out the “search all” option since this is how you will find all the notes on your account, regardless of whether they are stored in a specialized area of the service or not. Once you have found your notes, you’ll see a list of them organized by categories. Click on the plus sign icon in the upper right corner to expand it.

At this point, you should know how to use Google Keep notes and how to save them. If you are an avid note taker, this system will prove to be indispensable to you. You’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. You’ll never be stuck again when it comes to finding and storing notes and accessing them. Now go and start using this amazing app!

How to Use Google Keep Notes

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